Paper Lid

Product details

Paper Lids 

The cup cover cup match, is the use of high transparent, sterile, tasteless and environmental characteristics of food grade paper production,

a round hole, cross hole, easy to insert a straw.Small dome design helps to prevent leakage of sloshing,

collocation Straw mouth, mouth drinking mouth, very convenient to pack away.


Features & Benefits 

1.Description: High quality polystyrene translucent plastic cover, can be in direct contact with food, more environmental health;

2.Capacities: We have the size of 74mm - 117mm in diameter.

3.Material: Food grade paper with high transparency, asepsis, tasteless and environmental protection;

4.Certification: SGS,FDA,TUV,ISO9001.

5.Package: 50pcs/bag x 20 bags = 1000pcs/ctn.

6.Usage: Paper Lids For Hot Drink are suitable for serving all the hot drinks including tea,coffee,milk and so on.

7.Benefits: Make sure not to leak, leakage; easy to carry. The cup cover can be packaged translucent beverage in the cup to see details.

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